incorrect balances


How many people are having issues with and incorrect calculations. I only have 71 entries and ive been trying to comb through every single line to see why it keeps telling me i have about 0.0007 BTC than i actually do.


When I come across these its because I didn’t enter the transfer fee correctly for an entry or two.
My biggest problems I have with transfer fees and what not is ETH and ERC20 tokens.


where should i be looking to make sure im getting the correct transfer fee amounts? Im also confused with how to enter in fees for binance trades when i bought something with BTC and its deducting fees with bnb


If you go to “enter trades manually” Not sure exactly what it is right now at the office. There is a drop down menu to select what type of transaction it is and that will give you the appropriate boxes. As far as trading on Binance I have this imported automatically via the API. As far as buying something from an exchange account I have no idea man. I do not keep coins on exchanges unless they are for trading.


ive been entering in everything manually using either the trade or transfer inputs for manual entry. Im looking to see if i entered in everything in the correct chronological order since ive been up and down and all of the numbers i have entered match correctly.

Thanks for any help


Crypto Exchange will alpha launcha at 8/8 . Do you know about it ?


Never heard about that but how will a new exchange help me with my current issue?


What does this have to do with the conversation? It would be much appreciated if you provided details on how CryptoExchange would solve the issue above. If not I am just going to assume you are shilling just to shill.