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Reveel token RVL


Google unbans crypto ads


interesting facts about bitconnect


I miss bitconnect. :sob:

:beetconnect: What am I gonna do?


Banks launder trillions while trashing crypto


Coinbase valued at $8 billion…growth in a bear market.


EOS voting corruption


What was satoshi nakamoto like?


Fortnite Malware stealing bitcoins


Cryptonomics - Are stablecoins an economic fallacy


This was great thanks for making this video/video’s;-)


Reggie Middleton from Veritaseum thinks the real stable coin is different economic commodity’s that are reversed correlated to each other. So for instance if Gold and Oil and a couple other things have a certain type of relationship where when one goes up the other goes down, If you can balance that with the correct correlation analysis that would be a real stable coin;-) I guess we’ll see!!!


Roger ver crypto exchange


Binance will continue to crush in 2019, just like yen




Nouriel Roubini Hates Bitcoin…and white people


ICOs are coming to Bitcoin Sidechains - What Could this Mean for Crypto?


Dang! It took me 7-8 Mins. (most people would quit) to find this cross-platform social media. :troll:- in’ in the twitters, getting exposure for and the beta. Trolled your video, and opened it up to the XRP Community.

Search terms to find this on the Pub :beer: was a challenge :cowboy_hat_face: .