Collin - Heavily Armed Clown - DCTV thread



can you plz share that document link, i like the views you presented …

many agree few disagree


Colleges are clueless about crypto


which document are you talking about andy?


Colin I think @andyramankapu asking about article what you’ve read about Jackson Palmer and Doge Coin



Thanks @kimchi


sorry for not being specific


86% of ICOs now lower than exchange listing price


Hi Collin, you should consider looking into a exchange soon to go full launch, they just recently recieved a DLT license from Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, making them one of the first crypto exchanges to become fully regulated :+1:

EDIT: and actually the cov token have held strong in 2018 after it’s ICO in sats price that is, it have not been below ICO price levels


Can crypto survive without coinbase? Of course it can!


loving the beanie style


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pumping them #blessed


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