Completely new build build, start to finish assistance πŸ™

Hey everyone, I am fairly new to this side of building. Crypto was once foreign to me and thank to the help of you guys and girls, Peter, and many people like him I am on my way to becoming more and more informed everyday. I love the concept of building. I am going to be getting started on my first actual (from scratch) build and would love all the help I can get. There are so many options for so many things and so many specific parameters to keep in mind. I am diving through research like everyone however I find myself going in circles of opinions mostly. Can anyone assist me in what I should get? Shooting for AMD RX 580 for base GPU. I am going to be documenting the entire process of me getting into the crypto world so people that are very new and somewhat skeptical can see the full transition into the CC zone. Thanks a ton!

I know (mostly) the components I need, however id like to know the best ones for the best cc. Within that what hardware does not really make a difference. I also realize there are so many posts on here and the internet period. But it all seems very opinionated and I find contradicting statements often. Is that ultimately what it comes down to? Personal preference? Thanks again!

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I’m going to post something later today about how to get started and over the next week or so walk people through a build. I can’t wait to share this info with our cryptonation


Looking forward to it! I will link videos as the process goes along! I’m anxious to go down to BestBuy now and get some stuff haha.

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Got an updated question, I am researching miners and I want to know the difference between the UI NiceHash miner and the .BAT file miner versions? i.e. On the NiceHash site it says we recommend this for GPU mining and below it recommends the same servers just in the form of a .BAT like Claymore, NanoPool etc. Does the different specific way you launch play a part in profitability? Is it the ability to switch to and from each currency and get paid for that individually, or just the speeds? I try testing but the only difference I am experiencing is how hard it pushes my GPU.

Thanks in advance!
see image for reference.

Nicehash is easy/noob friendly way to start mining.
It mines automatically different algos/coins and converts them in btc for you.
So you get paid in btc.
Not the most profitable way but nice to get your feet wet.

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Nicehash uses an algorithm to determine the most profitable coin to mine based on benchmarks you provide with your hardware. It then does the switching for you. If you use the individual miner with bat files, you have to manually do all the switching. For this, Nicehash will of course take some of your fee, but it is probably well worth it if you are going to be switching coins. The algorithm they use to determine the most profitable coin is also based on the rate that their users are paying for hashpower, and not necessarily the most profitable coin you could mine on your own apart from their network. In the end, I’ve found that over the last 4 months or so, it has been best for me to strictly mine ETH using claymore’s miner. Using Nicehash I seemed to make a little less and payouts were less frequent. Hope this helps

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It definitely does, thank you! May I ask, in your personal experience what is the best card for the best crypto? Meaning The card that gets the most of whatever it is. Or the most of the best coin to mine? Sorry for all the q’s!! I find that when researching it is very opinionated based on what people read or hear instead of personal relevance.

Thank you for your time!

Right now I believe the best long term card for you will be NVIDIA 1070s. When I got in 480s were $230 and then about a month into mining, they became scarce and shot up to $700 if you could find them. As a result, I have 480s, 1060s and 1070s on my rigs.

Go to the website . It’s a great site where you can plug in your hardware, and they will tell you how much you can make.

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Right on, would you say it is not the most profitable because of the fees? Also if the individual miners with the bat files are the better way to go is there a best one? Are they different based on each one or is it just which one is most profitable according to sites like whattomine i.e. Nicehashes stratum+tcp:// vs. claymores version of that?

Nice! I think I’m going to go with the 580 or the 1070’s I already have 2 of both and I still get the 580 for around 279.99 from best buy because aI work at their new sustainability program. Even still thats a crazy mark up!!! I pay 5% above cost and even that is high, thats how you know the markup is going straight to the manufacturers pockets! I wish I would have known about this even just 6 months ago.

Mining is like investing or buying cons, only thing is just that you are paying with electric bill and investing in hradware :grinning:
You can mine currently most profitable coin, or you could mine some less mined coin in which you believe that is udervalued and can raise in value in the future.

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Very smart perspective, I didn’t really think about it like that, I just really really enjoy the building process! But I am extremely indecisive and very nitpick on getting the perfect everything. I can’t even buy damn house slippers until I’ve seen every damn one on the web, not kidding either. But that is very sound logic there sir. Nice :ok_hand:

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Yes this is a great point. My goal in the beginning was to mine most profitable to pay off that hardware first


Here is what you need:

Graphics Cards
-DONT get anything with under 8 GB RAM. anything less wont be able to handle the DAG at like epoc 199 or 200 and wont be able to mine ETH at that point.
-RX 480/580/VEGA or GTX 1060/1070/1080 are all good bests

You need something that is going to handle all your GPU’s so you need as manu PCI-e slots as you have cards. DONT just get one that has the slots, get one geared for mining that is tested with all those cards running. something like the ASROCK H81 Pro BTC. Also, CPU doesnt matter much, so go with something low power like a celeron processor.

PCI-E risers
these things are crappy and love to die. so get quality ones and buy extra.

Power supply
You want something rated well for powe. Gold or platinum. you could get a Gaming 800-1200W PSU but you will get off MUCH cheaper buying an older server power supply. it will cost you like 30 bucks, it will be platinum rated. you can get a breakout board from parrelell miner.

open air rig
If your gonna be running 5-10 cards you want to go open air. you can buy one on amazon or ebay or you can just make one yourself from wood or aluminum.

Power switch
you’ll need something to power it on :slight_smile:


once you have your rig built give yourself a week or two to test this out… tweak your driver/firmware settings to get the best power/hash rates you can on different miners. then go with what is most profitable. it will be specific to your rig.


True that, first things first right? Hopefully it pos itself off quickly and start working its way on.

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I got my shopping list, off to the market. Thank you! Do you have specific favorites for a 580 build?

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Well said. Thanks of the simplicity guys.

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not really… id just make sure to get a motherboard people have confirmed will work with all the PCI-e slots maxed out and dont go cheap on risers.


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