Confussed on Trading Pairs


Hello, Didn’t know what subject to put this under but trading strategy sounded logical. Im confused on what trading pairs i should use to buy coins and tokens, and which is better. When buying should i use BTC, ETH, USD, USDT. I understand that you can only buy certain ones that is being offered in that pair. But is it better to pair with BTC or ETH for example. Or always buy with USD or USDT if offered. And then there is pairing with BNB on Binance or Kucoins On Kucoin. What is the difference. I’m getting confused writing this. LOL - If someone understands what i’m getting at please explain. Thanks


Compare the prices on and use your best judgement.


Hey, back on may 11th, you responded to my post on trading pairs, I forgot all about this post. Just wanted to say Thanks for responding.