Congrats to JasonMasterNET for earning the SO AMAZE BADGE :doge:!



@JasonMasterNET… Well-deserved! What an incredible long-form piece of content… that will serve hundreds-of-thousands (millions…?!) of folks for years to come!


There are now 7 folks who have earned the very coveted and epic-ly-special badge that is named :doge:…!

Are they the chosen ones?

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I invite all cryptonauts and cryptopirates!

We love long form guides! We want moar!
Creat the booty for others to find!

We thank you in advance.
To the moon. :rocket::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::tada:


millions served… right up their with mcdonalds!

hope we get some people using it to help with their GPU mining and sparking discussion in that subform


i doubt it lkadjf lkjadf