Conspiracy Theory or Symptoms of Paranoid Schizophrenia


I thought there would at least by now be a dedicated conspiracy theory Sunday category in the Pub by now, @peter. This category seems the best fit.

I spend more time than I should on Twitter. I know. I’m consciously trying to cut back on that habit. There’s something about Twitter that is so similar to a being in a comfortable place with friends and someone offering you a line of cocaine. You’re like, fuck, I shouldn’t be doing this but all my good friends are. It is kind of fun. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my productivity maybe a little Twitter in a conservative dose is okay.

Here’s the real topic of this post. I’m always looking and my Twitter and didn’t see a notification for a direct message on Twitter. I look at my Twitter from multiple devices and for the most part I see the same notifications on every device. It seems so unlikely I would not notice a direct message from another Twitter user. Here is one instance I did not. This is a screen shot of a my reply.

Before y’all go sharing this on your Facebook, is there some setting in Twitter where you are notified for mentions, likes, and retweets but not direct messages? Has anyone else that has shared the YenIQ releases on Twitter had a similar experience? Asking for a friend.

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