Cool Bitcoin, Monero & DigiByte Socks!

Hi Guys,

Just stumbled across The Bitcoin Pub and saw it has a Bazaar page. I’ve just launched kryptoez which sells crypto themed socks.

Would love to offer you all 10% off using KRY10P at checkout

You can pay in crypto too!


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Bumping this thread!

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Thanks for the bump. Got 50% off today online to celebrate the halving!

These socks are looking goooood.

I want to continue my story. So these socks are pretty sexy and looking good for both sex, as I see. However, did these socks are compression? Because I see that they are not looking like these ones (pic). You see, it’s important for me to be ready for athletic sports or in other words, to keep up my strength and I think if socks can help with hard-working muscles utilize oxygen-rich blood for fuel, then create deoxygenated metabolic waste products, such as lactic acid that is necessary for me and my husband. The way I see it, it’s the best benefits of compression socks for men and women that I saw, because they work 100% effective for both sex.

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