Could He Be The Bitcoin Creator


These days I’ve been reading about Satoshi Nakamoto trying to figure out who he might be. I know there are many candidates but I wanted to see who has the most potential to be the creator of Bitcoin. He should be a very good programmer and cryptographic expert, but also an economist. That is why I believed it was a group project. It only makes sense. But after reading this article I think it could be only one guy, with strong connections in early crypto communities. What do you think? Could it be this guy? Read here :arrow_down:


Here he is :wink:


I was reading great article posted by John

I printed out for my research, and that was what I was thinking.

Could be


I’ve always felt there was a good chance it might be Hal Finney. He’s cryogenically frozen in the city i’m in. The joke was we need to get psychic mediums over to the cryogenics place and try to see if he can tell us who Satoshi is;-) I did call the cryogenics place and ask if they have visitations but they were instantly onto me and told me that there was a picture of him in the lobby;-) The other person I always suspected was Nick Szabo…