Covesting - A regulated exchange with lots of features - now in "soft launch"

Hi all, in this topic i will try to cover what is all about.

Covesting was funded via pre-ICO in november 2017, and then by ICO in december 2017, as an ERC-20 token - due to the rally in december 2017, the price of ethereum rose significantly, this actually was a problem during the ICO fase, as the team had to change the price of their tokens, due to pressure from pre-ico investors.

The token sale reached it’s hardcap on december 31 2017 with just over $15 mio raised in funding, and the stats from the time of the token sale was:

16,500,000 COV tokens sold to public contributors
13,500 Contributions
10,500 Unique Token Holders
600+ Traders signed up
19,000+ Facebook followers
7800+ Telegram members
5700+ Twitter followers
1 Great community

Milestones from 2018:

  • februrary 17th the covesting crypto intelligence portal kicks off
  • februrary 22th the covesting platform was showed to the public for the first time
  • around march covesting sets up it’s HQ in Gibraltar
  • may 26th the beta version of the platform went public live, the first 25000 users would be credited $300 dollars to their account, this bonus can be used to pay fee’s on the platform.
  • from june 28 to july 28, covesting held their first community contest, with a total price of 3500 cov tokens.
  • september 18th - KYC process began for those that already had signed up for the platform
  • september 18th - Release Candidate for the platforms goes live
  • september 25th to october 25th, covesting held a trading competition and a bug bounty for 200 users
  • october 19th Covesting recieved DLT license from Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, now being a regulated exchange.
  • october 20th Covesting celebrates 1 year anniversary, grown from 2 employees to nearly 40 employees across 12 countries and two main offices.
  • october 22th Covesting launched their mobile iOS application

The road ahead:

Soft launch

Covesting is at the moment polishing the platform, optimizing stuff, and eliminating bugs found in the bug bounty.

When all this is done i expect the platform to go into soft launch, in a matter of one to a couple of weeks max.

Covesting have been pretty transparent about the backend and their platform, that it is essential for them to get things done properly from the beginning that is set for rapid growth and expansion.

When platform launches in soft-launch it will feature a limited amount of assets for trading, the plan is to start with the following:

Crypto (3rd party liquidity)

Fiat (3rd party liquidity)

COV pairs (internal liquidity)

Full launch

After we are confident with the Soft Launch production environment with limited functionality — we are ready for rapid growth.

All cryptocurrency pairs (90+) will become available for trading.

Massive marketing campaigns will kick off from here.

An affiliate program with professional CPA networks and partners worldwide will get a green light from our marketing team.

Wire transfers will now be supported.

Payment processing companies (credit cards) are fully integrated and every user can deposit funds using the preferred method.

All trading facilities are fully operational.

Copy trading and institutions

Once the business logic and technological solutions behind the copy-trading module is confirmed by GFSC — integration will commence.

By this time, the platform will have sufficient number of traders with at least 1 month of trading performance.

We plan to introduce several types of traders to the platform — professionals (holding a relevant license) and non-professionals. Institutional onboarding and KYB will be introduced at this stage.

We will welcome funds, family offices, etc.

The COV Token burn will start at this stage with a transparent and audited smart contract used to lock part of the COV tokens received as commission in the platform either through exchange fees paid in COV or through the copy-trading module.

Q4 2018 and beyond:
algorithmic trading, derivatives, advanced order types, new social features etc. and explore new opportunities as regulations around digital assets evolve worldwide.

We will continue strengthening the Covesting brand and meet with institutional investors around the world.

We will provide an API to private and corporate investors, list new tokens, and aggressively acquire communities globally.

I’ve been using the platform the last month as participant in the trading and bug bounty competition, in my opinion this platform could do very well in the time ahead as it offers a wide variety of stuff that the usual exchanges don’t offer at the moment.

In summary Covesting is a Legally compliant trading platform, incorporated in World Trade Center of Gibraltar

  • 3 licenses in Estonia, DLT in Gibraltar.
  • Copy-trading (exclusively through COV token)
  • Exchange (with Liquidity Aggregation : market making, hedging and offering an aggregated order book from combined quotes of multiple exchanges)
  • Algo-trading (COV token staking to access features like algorithmic bots, VWAP, ICEBERG and direct Level2 trading)
  • Margin-trading feature with stop-loss.
  • Fiat gateway with multiple currencies support (USD, EUR & GBP)
  • 50% fee reduction using the COV token.
  • 50% of all platform profits go towards buy back and burn. The burning is continuous.
  • Referral program paying up to 40% of referred users’ comissions.
  • 24/7 Multilingual Livechat Support
  • Crypto Intelligence Portal (Community-driven News and trade ideas sharing portal :
  • Mobile apps for iOS (see AppStore) + Android
  • Professional team lead by ex-JP morgan, SaxoBank, Seb bank traders. -> main page -> can be viewed without login to the platform -> covesting crypto intelligence portal

Any other pub’ers out there looking forward to start using this platform at their launch??

Some screens from the exchange, with both a light and a dark theme:


October in review

Soft launch of the platform will be mid November…


Yes! so looking forward to the copy trading. The returns from the comp look incredible.

Do you think it likely we will see copy trading live in 2018?


Yes i believe so, according to TG channel admins have told they have tested this in house and that it will go live some time after full launch when people have enough trading history, first then will they enable the copy trade function…

So it depends on when full launch will be… my personal opinion is full launch by first week of december and then copy trade function at the end of december… so it’s close :+1:


Thank you.

according to TG channel moments ago, Dmitrij mentioned the following developments are on the cards at some point:

Expanding into copy trading of Forex and commodities, however this is going to be some time off but on the cards.

Also looking at doing /becoming:

Multi asset trading platform

Licensed banking institution

Cards issuance

Private banking

Amazing potential!


I’ve not seen that, but what i did see was him mentioning that copy trade will likely go live in the first days or weeks of Q1 2019… so it seems things got a bit delayed, but this was original due to the DLT license delaying things a bit…

Im actually quite amazed about what the team have pulled off since ICO, i also like transparent way they are operating, doing frequent medium blog updates, coming into TG and chatting answering questions and such…

I think the future for covesting is pretty bright… :rocket::rocket:


Yes, delays do seem part of most crypto projects, but Covesting have come a long way.

The returns on the copy trading could be life changing.

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Soft launch will probably go live in the coming week… :+1:

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Covesting has launched their platform in “soft launch” mode…


the release notes of the platform as went in soft launch:

some news covering the release:

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Another nice article featuring Covesting…

More and more news sites seems to pick up the coverage of the launch of Covesting…

Having recieved a DLT license and now being a regulated exchange will prove to be a great approach going forward :rocket::rocket:

Holding COV tokens will get you some free airdrops

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