CPU based Mining with AWS Spot Instances


I have experimented with GPU based mining on AWS, but haven’t found any methods where I can get the hashrate at anywhere near a decent speed (even with using the custom GPU type EC2 instances).

So I am now looking at using an AWS EC2 instance to mine a coin on a CPU basis. Initially I will test using an on-demand EC2 instance, but would like to switch to using a spot instance (probably several spot instances), to reduce my costs.

I haven’t found any guides on this, so I am assuming that this is not popular (or profitable). Has anyone here experimented with CPU based mining?

What are some good CPU based coins to mine? I am considering Verium, Intensecoin and turtlecoin (not yet of any real value, but might be a year from now).


The way i see it CPU mining is only worth it if you are willing to lose in the short term.
Meaning: Mining emerging coins, those that have a shot, but are not that popular yet, so basically an investment in the future.

You need to have in mind that most of these coins are not going to reach big values, and CPU mining is not going to give you that many coins, so you need to build some excels spreadsheets to make sure you are doing something with a plan, otherwise is just going to be lost money


I experimented with mining Verium (https://portal.vericoin.info/verium/) last night.

These are the Megahash rates that I was getting (all on Windows 64 bit):

Work laptop (using 3 logical processors of 4):

  • 308.59
  • 423.28
  • 347.86

AWS Micro (using 1 vCPU of 1):

  • 296.118
  • 201.718
  • 423.28
  • 12.0623
  • 22.957
    Note: I think the last 2 figures are low because I was only using 1 vCPU (of 1) and I could see an AntiMalware process running, with high CPU utilisation.

AWS c5.4xlarge (using 15 vCPU’s of 16):

  • 1626.95
  • 3890.1
  • 3837.7

I then used https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b02BuES4AwZW9kpqzmyrPlEfO55TWdU_mFhgnVaakQ4/edit#gid=366374027 to forecast profit/loss.

Even if I used AWS Linux spot instances, I would make a loss of about $600 per year.

There are some variables, such as I don’t know how many hours per month I would be able to have a spot mining instance at the price I wanted it, the difficulty of mining will increase at some point, the valule of Verium will increase/decrease (as will the price of Bitcoin).

So in short, it isn’t profitable at the moment, however I will leave it running on my work laptop, as it runs fine with 3 of the 4 logical processors in use and I’m not paying the electricity :slight_smile:
Edit: Actually I can’t do this - it’s blocked by my companies VPN, which I always need to access when working :frowning:

I will do the same test with some other coins.

I’ve added a post about it on Medium and will add additional posts as I do more tests - feel free to follow me on there :slight_smile:


CPU mining is still profitable. I love my Ryzens!
My Ryzen mine just as well as graphics cards.

Ryzen 1600 OC’d gets around 350 h/s Cryptonight (Same as a RX 460)
Ryzen 1700 OC’d gets over 500 h/s Cryptonight (Same as a GTX 1060)
Ryzen 1800x Gets around 550 h/s Cyrptonight (roughtly same as a GTX 1080)


Which coin/coins do you mine?

Have you compared the running costs (electricity and depreciation) and performance vs cloud based services (e.g. AWS and Azure).


@Bones972 Im also curious to know which coins you mine with your ryzens.


He stated it above by giving you the algo. Mining is not about the coins but the algo. Any coin that uses Cryptonite could be mined at that hash rate.


I have mined both Monero and Electronium with my CPU’s but right now I have them pointed at Nice Hash for BTC. I have never heard of AWS or Azure. If you guys point me to them I can try them out and give you guys a bench mark on what the Ryzens are capable of on them.


AWS is Amazon’s rentable servers. What they are talking about is renting one of those servers to mine coins.

From what I have heard is that Amazon has cracked down on people doing this.


My understanding of this crackdown is they used to offer a free 30day trial or something like that and people were using that 30day to mine with for free. Maybe they have expanded that to stop all mining on their equipment, but not sure why they would as you are still paying them for their service.


Excuse me please, i’m kind of new to this i have a friend who does mining using amazon ec2(Microsoft server r2 2012- ami) he launches it allows it to show 20 5 5 5 1 limit or 10 before he launches using spot requests and when he does that he inputs 5 core then chooses m4.2xlarge he has a ami in his name then launches but after that i don’t know what he does, seen him use putty but i still don’t understand.

i would be very grateful and honored if you help explain this to me.
Thank you


I have no idea what you are asking. Maybe if he is your friend you should ask him and explain the process here.


Okay I want you to teach me how I can mine arionum and ethereum on ec2 using putty


I do not know how to do that. Why not ask your friend to teach you?


I did a lot of investigation into mining with AWS (including spot instances) a year ago and couldn’t find a way to make any profit from it. It will only get harder (and less profitable) as hashrates decrease as the difficulty rates increase.

I wrote about my investigation with mining Verium coin with AWS Spot instances here: https://medium.com/@techboy/mining-verium-with-aws-spot-instances-9c03dde5219d