CPU mining and is it profitable? (Ryzen to the Rescue?)


Ok so I get asked this a lot from people and decided to put together a post to sum up my feelings on it and what I have come up with to justify it. When I started mining last year the craze was to grab an Intel 1151 board and a Pen G4400 processor (CPU Priced @ $57.99 on New Egg) to run your systems on. The CPU runs at roughly lets say 80-100w. This cheap CPU will basically not make you anything mining with the CPU.

Later last year I started looking into Ryzen for CPU mining. I picked up a Ryzen 1600 (6 cores Current price $189.99 New Egg) and put it in a mining rig. So I added a cheap water cooler on the CPU because I would be over clocking them and running 24/7 (Water cooler priced at $44.99). That rig started mining at around 350 H/s on Crytonight and only pulled about 140w from the wall (That is a ball park figure I never wrote it down and honestly don’t remember). So with just burning an estimated extra 40-60w I was getting an RX 460 for about $177.00 more than the G4400 (with no risers or extra power cables).

At first glance the ROI looks pretty rough on that since the 1600 OC’d will earn just under $0.61/day current BTC price, making my ROI 290 days before cost of electric. However I have now been mining over 290 days and my initial G4400’s are not earning me squat and will not earn me squat until they die… My lowly Ryzen 1600 would be earning me an additional $0.61/day if I had started with her.

I branched out and started picking up a couple of the Ryzen 7 1700’s and a Ryzen 7 1800x (For my gaming rig). The 1700’s are about an extra $100.00 over the 1600’s and my beastly 1800x is $160.00 over the cost of the 1600. Ill do a comparison below to show how much they cost.

The “$>G4400” column indicates how much more the Ryzen costs over the G4400 including a water cooler. The ROI is the ROI minus the price of the G4400 which you would have had to buy anyways to run a cheap system.

> CPU                Price       Hash        Rev          $ >G4400    ROI
> Intel G4400	      $57.99       0 H/s     $0.00/day         $0.00    **NEVER!!!!**
> Ryzen 1600*	      $234.99    380 H/s     $0.61/day       $177.00    290 Days
> Ryzen 1700*	      $334.98    520 H/s     $0.87/day       $276.99    318 Days
> Ryzen 1800x*        $394.98    550 H/s     $0.93/day       $336.99    362 Days

*includes price of water cooler

Running the Nicehash calculator on Cryptonight I came up with this.
Ryzen 1600 is better than an RX 460 for $177.00
Ryzen 1700 is better than a GTX 1060 for $276.99
Ryzen 1800x is better than a GTX 1080 for $336.99

So are CPU’s worth mining with? Earlier in January when BTC was around 15k my Rev on the above CPU’s were about 150% what I have listed here. That would cut the ROI WAY down. I currently run 1 Ryzen 1600, 2 Ryzen 1700 and 1 Ryzen 1800x in my mining farm. I am earning 0.0007 BTC per day on average with Nice Hash. That comes out to be 0.2555 BTC per year. A quarter of a BTC per year on CPU mining… I will Take that any day!


Thanks for sharing your experience with us, am new in this whole thing of mining. I will try to relate your idea with my mines at webchain.network