Created a Website for the Curated listed of Airdrops

HI Guys,

As you know, Most of the times Altcoins give Airdrops when they launch or have an ICO, Web Product etc.
Itโ€™s very clumsy :expressionless: to find everytime from different sources, as they are not very curated,

So I have created a website(as a weekend project) :sunglasses: for the curated list of Airdrops for the altcoins or the website(coin etc), Which I curate from the Bitcointalk, and other resources.

:earth_asia: Features include:- :earth_americas:

  1. Direct link to Airdrop.(With Reward, Status, Expected Value, Rating(WIP) and Advice)
  2. Subscription option & Push notif for the new entry.
  3. Many other things in Work in progress.
  4. WIP - (Rating, About company, 3Points about coin or ICOโ€™s reward etc)

Need your inputs on this. - Website:

P.S - This site include(Monero mining script for website support (will be removed when my adsense aprroved :slight_smile: -)


Seems you have some competition out there:

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