Created a Website for the Curated listed of Airdrops

HI Guys,

As you know, Most of the times Altcoins give Airdrops when they launch or have an ICO, Web Product etc.
It’s very clumsy :expressionless: to find everytime from different sources, as they are not very curated,

So I have created a website(as a weekend project) :sunglasses: for the curated list of Airdrops for the altcoins or the website(coin etc), Which I curate from the Bitcointalk, and other resources.

:earth_asia: Features include:- :earth_americas:

  1. Direct link to Airdrop.(With Reward, Status, Expected Value, Rating(WIP) and Advice)
  2. Subscription option & Push notif for the new entry.
  3. Many other things in Work in progress.
  4. WIP - (Rating, About company, 3Points about coin or ICO’s reward etc)

Need your inputs on this. - Website:

P.S - This site include(Monero mining script for website support (will be removed when my adsense aprroved :slight_smile: -)


Seems you have some competition out there:

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