Crypto 20 - Crypto Index Fund - Data Science based

Hi everyone!

During my huntings for interesting and new ICOs, I found the C20 ICO.

It is a very interesting crypto index fund proposition, based on the same kind of data science that runs the S&P 500 on traddtional stocks.

This made me think a lot about Peter and the importance of data scientists on the crypto world future. Much of what Peter has talked about (on data science) got a sens for me when reading their white paper.

I think that Peter should check this out and maybe make an interview with them.

The interface created for the share holders is also very nice and I believe that the c20 token can get a nice run on exchanges after the launch gaining value cause it is a limited asset that covers a limitless demand. On their model, token holders are much less inclined to dumb the coin because of it’s Net Asset Value that will be growing as time passes by independently of it’s adoption.

Personally, I decided to give it a try and invest a little bit on it. There is no referral or any deal here… I am just sharing this cause I think that any crypto investor on the bitcoin pub could be somehow interested…

Boxmining did a nice video with their CEO (man I am getting old when I look at him) :sweat_smile:

You may say… why not manage the coins directly and take 100% of the profit?
Well, I manage out of bitcoin 5 to 6 coins myself and do some rebalancing from time to time and having a other things to do in my life, I can say that I pass already a lot of time on crypto. So this is a chance to have (just in case) another option running by the side of my personnal (very emotive portfolio :sweat_smile: ) that manages the 20 top market cap coins, balanced every week for me on a more data scientific way.

If I am not on the good category please move this post to where ever it should go.

Remember to take your time and do your own diligence…

Take care and…
Let’s go to the moon!:rocket:


You get me a contact and I’ll talk to anyone!


They are very much available on their slack channel:

You can private message the CEO there : Daniel_Schwartzkopff

Also your friend at Boxmining did interview him so you can reach out to him also and ask for some contact info on those Crypto 20 guys.

As they are on ICO time, they are very much available to talk.


any updates on the matter?

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Nope. Not yet. All in backlog

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thanks for letting me know. i am pretty excited about the idea of a crypto index

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I got some on ICO, so far so good gone from 1.1 to nearly 3.

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