Crypto and Hot Rods


mining news and mining updates. This is my main focus. So come learn with me as I venture into mining.

If you have any mining questions please ask away. this is why I’m here. and if there is any info I have wrong share why and tell me where you got your info from. we are all here to learn. I will help were ever I can.

Enjoy and Have a Great Day!!!


Are your profits down too???


@CryptoMykel found this one. I found it to be really interesting.


for all the green energy ppl out there. this is cool if it works!!!


Ethereum can affect your mining. hope they don’t fork any time soon!!!


Russian Church in hot water!!! But did they help the ppl or just them selves??? Shots fired shots fired!!


be careful with your next Adobe flash player update!!!


do you mine ETH or ETC??? And why ETH???


bitmains having problems. stupid trade wars!!!


My 100th video. Hope you all enjoy.


This is Yentastic!!! low power cpu’s for mining. and its so small its cute!!! rotf


Anyone mining BTC??? this might be great news for you!!!


washington Baning new crypto mining operations O boy here we go


If your into rentals this might be for you!!!


Calling out all the mining community to follow me. I’m now live on I’m so excited! I welcome all to learn with me and to follow me over to Yen.


If you have an ASIC on slush pool don’t upgrade it yet!!!


Russian control or are they clueless??? Like the control of the USA!!


Armenia Might be crypto friendly.


After 13 years i built me a new PC!!!


Bitfury going IPO. Looks like they want to compete with Bitmain!!! this is grat news.