Crypto and Hot Rods


Hey hey everyone I’ve renamed this thread to incorporate both of my passions!! I am now all about mining and cars. the car side will be slow to start Its my new business that I’m getting going and being winter here my garage stays cold most of the time lol. so I will do what I can out there for all of you!!!



Check out @RavenSkyDaisy T shirt I got. Its absolutely killer everyone!!! MUST SEE!!!


my new pc. also my first edit job!!


Hey hey everyone I’ve got naked CPUs!! You want to see?


coolest thing ever come see!!


thank you @delirium_igniter @powerofknowledge @Agentskull @Bitnative @Groovedude you guys rock. anytime you want to do this let me know I had so much fun ty ty!!!


everything is going to mine that monero in the future lol!!!


do you like the new Nvidia GPUs??? WHY??


any Monero lovers out there???


I hate when ppl get who are misinformed go after crypo mining only!!! It’s bull****!!! whats your thoughts???


whats your thoughts on this everyone?


hope everyone had a great turkey day like me!!! and it was safe!!!


Let me know if you get a tingle if I say come check out my riser and RAM


I love this down market. no fomo DCA


These low prices are exciting. Now is really the best time to buy in.


Is this a new easy miner? Ill be looking more into this one. whats your thoughts??


look at this is Bitmain getting sued??? what?


btc is the best choice for the last 10 years


watching this thread