Crypto and Hot Rods


ty very much my man. and ty for staying for our live stream.


be careful out there with that btrash sv!!





I know I was so sad to see this one too :cry: but like us he will survive. he is a great guy. and maybe ill get him on later on with an update on how he is doing.


why? not enough profitability?


yea the big guys are getting flushed out and us at home miners are here for the win. Digital gold was a host mining place that after 5 years is now gone unfortunately.







give me your thoughts and if you like join my discord too.


are you mining on it the bear market? I am lol!!!


don’t steal ppl its not worth it


Any live stream build of the miner yet? put it together for the community. I am noob to this. I mean I can build a pc no problem this shouldn’t be that bad. just guidance, maybe right kind of parts to consider. 220v instead of 125 etc…


I haven’t yet. I’ve got one vid to go before I do the build. And I’m thinking of doing it live my man!!!


super. will wait till then cause going to buy parts for build after your video.

2019 will be better for me.
New stuff to do - -

  1. Build a miner rig.
  2. Run btc node (Nodl) lnd
  3. HODL


that’s awesome my man! I feel privileged to be helping.