Crypto Bear Market? Good!



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Things created during the prior crypto bear market (2014-2016):

  • Ethereum
  • Stellar
  • Lightning
  • Zcash
  • Chain
    … just to name a few!

Bear markets are not only healthy, but necessary, for this grand experiment to have the oxygen it needs to invent and build.

Next up…? :point_right:



I’ve signed up already! What else can I do to help? Funds are very tight with my own startup that I cannot afford the Patreon right now or I would do that to the maximum too. I appreciate you guys and everything you are doing. I would love to be more involved. I agree bear markets are a good way to purge the system and focus our strengths.


Right now we just need people to survive. Keep spreading the good word about the Pub and have people get on the wait list.

We shall call on thee as we get closer to launch and beta for our patreons. :slight_smile: - We’ll need a grassroots movement to get people on yen!


When you call, we will answer! #TheFutureIsNow #GenZ #GenZen #GenYen #pioneers
Also this is cool that Patreon wrote an article about you guys in their blog…


By this logic, ICO investors are the only ones doing the bear market right?




Signed up with my email. shared on Facebook as well. The that is.