Crypto goes quiet, trades sideways and what happens? FUD


It’s great. The absolutely crap and totally useless crypto news sites have little to ‘report’ because the market has low volumes at the moment. So, what do they do? The usual. They start the FUD and negative click bait articles up again. ‘BTC will plummet to $2,000 before it goes up again’. ‘Institutional money isn’t coming’. Blah blah blah.

Funny that they weren’t printing that crap a few days ago. Oh no. A few days ago they were all reporting happy happy stuff.

Can someone please shoot these waste of space human beings! Please


Well… That’s some journalism for you. They need to write. It’s their job. If they have nothing to report, they write for the sake of writing. Usually, it means contradicting their views and beliefs.

Oh… and by the way, I have nothing against crypto going sideways for a bit. It means we are growing.


Oopps! Another exchange (Bancor,a decentralised exchange) just got hacked. $12m in Ether stolen.

OK crap crypto news sites…do your FUD!

Another crypto ‘news’ site has just released another FUD story… ‘Bitcoin will fail as Govs. increase regulation’. The fool who wrote this article obviously doesn’t keep up with the news and the fact that more and more countries are relaxes their stance on cryptos.