Crypto Jobs... new site. 🤔



This is what they say about themselves:

Crypto Jobs List is your the #1 place to find and post jobs in the crypto space! Blockchain engineers, Solidity devs, cryptocurrency experts…

You can check it out here:


Hmmm. I think we could do this better. :slight_smile:


I agree, you can’t even filter by location!


Seems like a natural extension / development for the community.


No sales or marketing?..oy vey.:no_mouth:
"Crypto Craigslist"lol :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


im on it, want to play?


Hey @peter!
Raman, creator of Crypto Jobs List here :grin:
What do you guys think should be improved?

So far it seems that advanced geographical location seems to be important. What else?

P.S. Thanks OP, @john for posting my site here :bowing_man:


yeah. i saw you posted on the other thread…


Thanks for the feedback! Any other features you’d like to see?


I just saw a company’s add offering 1000$ in gold or Bitcoin when they hire you: