Crypto people are moving from Twitter to Mastadon...should wait for instead?



Can’t wait for YEN!!!


Really can’t wait… :confused:


Hey cryptohaze , I agree with you . I too can’t wait until . We need to be the new leaders and believers of this new world :sunglasses:


haha! I just discovered Mastadon and was coming over to post about it but of course @peter already did a vid on it. I found it as I just started coding and someone I follow does videos on it. speaking of coding, learning it, having a full time job, married, young child, and one on the way I haven’t had time to be involved in but instead have spent my time on coding forums or watching videos to learn. @peter have you thought about adding a coding section to this page or resources? Wouldn’t it be cool if you built a homegrown coding team from I stumbled into a startup platform building a product and showing how they build it while teaching (they call it mentoring) new coders. Cool idea, building your employees from your fanbase. Anyways here is another cool video breaking down Mastadon and possibly someone to follow for a good resource for coding. Cheers!


Could be worth doing. I just don’t have time doing it because we’re building something better than mastadon!


mastodon is kinda fun a very different experience indeed but don’t know will it be a hit

toot me