Crypto Profit Tracker Ver 0.1 - Track your USD profits on your investments

This Should be converted to website.


I agree. it would be awesome in website form. that is a bit more of a project then i have time to tak on but id be happy to team up with someone to make that a reality.


no luck on apple numbers but my buddies in IT so he’s gonna install excel for me…(he’s a BTC on believer but i forgive him)


Yeah, the formulas are all built in excel. i dont think they will work in another application.


i just input the current btc price if i’m curious. no alts… working on that 1btc first… just passed .5 and started at the end of august (dca in) living like i’m broke for that BTC!!!


Can you post a guide on how to add more alt coin to the spreadsheet? I want to add more alt coin that I’m investing in.


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Hi, is there a way I can get a copy of the sheet. The current updated one. Thanks.

Hi Jason… Have been crunching out my numbers… Based on an investment amount to a particular trading pair: Incase of a bear market. One must factor in the % loss in BTC/USD amount secondly the % loss on the trading pair say NEO/BTC % drop… plus the trading fees… Your excel captures this… thanks by the way but I cannot seem to make it work. How can go about it.

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