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@SungshimLoppnow and I had our first LIVE Stream on YouTube.

We will do an experiment and want your support, encouragement and feedback.

We want to create a space for people to discuss how an individual’s interest in Crypto impacts their relationship (including marriage, but beyond).

As two Marriage & Family Therapists we have our own story with my initial interest in crypto (starting in 2013) and how that has influenced our relationship and community. Our hypothesis is that people want stronger relationships and we will use their interest in crypto and our story.

Take a look at this 1st attempt at a Live Stream.

1st LIVE Stream - Your 1st Purpose in Life is to be loved

Find out why we are having so much fun!

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What would you like to see on our next Crypto related conversation?
This was not crypto focused, but it seeped out of us because of the Alpha Cohort and its a part of who I am.

We appreciate people showing up and participating

(There were others, but I don’t know their Pub name]

Thank you to everyone. This group, the ALPHA Cohort and my community grew the subscribers from 0 last week to 91 in 1 week. Imagine what we can do in 4 week, 6 months…

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I put time links in the video so you can click the areas that include mention of @peter or crypto

0:42 - Whats up whats crypto nation
0:55 - Recognizing Peter Saddington + other Alpha cohort
1:35 - I call him Pastor Peter Saddington
2:44 - Sungshim calls 2 guys Yellow
3:49 - Sungshim thinks you need to say nonsense like Peter

5:44 - Joyful Journey book : Presence - being connected to God Practice is…
6:58 - What is love?
7:26 - Definition of JOY + example
8:55 - God is glad to be with you

17:26 - Sungshim learns to goof around from Pastor Peter
24:38 - John + Peter Saddington interrupt Sungshim

28:48 - saying “this white guy” in Kansas, Sungshim learns, we grow
29:47 - SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON (Korean commentary) - learning from Peter Saddington / Sungshim makes fun of herself

33:05 - #1 Predictor of Mental Health
35:00 - Pain that is not transformed, is transmitted
36:00 - Why is Immanuel Journaling decentralized prayer
36:47 - John blesses you

38:20 - when to do the next one - ask Peter - ALWAYS NOW
39:10 - Viewer asks, "What is DCTV?"
39:19 - Conversations - how does your interest in cryptocurrency impact your relationship?
40:32 - The power is decentralized


We have 92 Subscribers.
I bet this awesome community can help us get to 100 by the end of this week.
Possibly 150 if we all work together.

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very cool, man!! -was this posted on the bitcoin pub?


I’m grateful for your last stream, now I now my first purpose!

Look forward for next stream.


You guys are awesome!
1 person away from 100 subscribers.


we’re your 100th! :slight_smile:


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Whoa, dude, that is awesome!
@kimchi THANK YOU!
And, thank you @tom_acf


I thought people would find this funny.
This is a member from my church.


Time to.introduce the church to the BTC pastor. :joy: