Crypto Science Fiction Rocketbilly book for sale now


Today my crypto science fiction book “Rocketbilly” is for sale on The year is 2315. “Rocketbillies” explore, gamble, and race rocketcars, rocketbikes and hotrodded spaceships in a decentralized pioneer economy that merges cryptocurrencies and moonshine fuels that can be distilled on any planet where grain or fruit can be grown.

If you are interested in blockchain science fiction or vehicle racing on the blockchain, I invite you to check it out:

(or just go to and search for “Rocketbilly” book)

The book contains 5 short stories from the “Rocketbilly” series along with a spin-off novella from the Starshine Sector: Crypto Racing series which covers stock rocketcar racing on the “Raytona 5,000” interplanetary super space speedway, based on the legendary “Daytona 500” of old Earth.