Crypto T-Shirts and other items ? Where dey at?


Hey all…Just wondering where all the Crypto T-shirt biz went on here…
Can’t find any- still usable links on here…
Any info as to where or what happened to Chainxgang ??
Growing holes in my Litecoin and ICX shirts lol…
Soooo many washes…
Also … $ 10,000 Bicoin by June 1 st ??
Any bets ??



I’m also looking for some nice crypto related clothes. Still hoping someone has made something actual semi-fashionable, rather than just a shitty logo on a generic cotton tee.

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Yeah…Chainx had some decent designs but the shirts didnt last at all…
I still have rock band shirts from the '90s that dont have any holes…yet those shirts literally grew them overnight !!

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Yeh… people come and go… all my shirts are worn out… y’all know i wear these f*ckers every day.


the guy who had the HODL eth classic as a coke design made good shit, but I think he got sidetracked … he had a great krispy kreme design and other cultural knock offs, great concept

chain gang

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