Crypto T-shirts, Hats & Mugs! | SAVE 25%


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I sent @Peter a box full of my merch a while back and finally got around to post in here. Crypto Coin Checkup has high-quality shirts, hats and mugs, with designs you can actually wear outside. We will be releasing more currency products in the future: NEO, ICON & more.

We accept cryptocurrencies for payment: BTC, LTC & Doge. If you have any suggestions, questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask!


Hey. We’re looking for a full scale swag shirt. Can you guys help us do it? DM me


I want some swag :grin::grin:


Added 2 new hat designs! ICON and NEO.


New T-shirt design! Bitcoin to the Moon typography, with 5 shirt colors available.


Are those hats printed or embroidered?


Embroidered. Some are 3D puff, like the Bitcoin symbol, and some are flat embroidered like the NEO symbol


Which shopify does that?