Crypto Wallets, Series 2 - 5 XMR, 1 ETH, 1 LTC, 1000 ADA, 100 XTZ, and 1000 TRON


We are pleased to present the Wallet Series 2030, Series 2!

This set of wallets will most likely round out this series. We may also do 1 NEO and 1000 HYDRO, but we do not anticipate any further notes from this line. If demand is there, we may move forward with a 5 ETH and 10 ETH note, pending demand.

Just like our other wallets, these are also UNLOADED. Customers may choose to generate their own keys and affix their private key with the provided hologram.

Limited to 150, each hand signed and numbered on the back.

The images for Tron will be available late tonight when it releases. :slight_smile:

Price: .0052 BTC per note
Shipping: $5 US, $15 International (same amount regardless of quantity ordered)
Cap: Max limit of 10 per customer (during the first 7 days of the sale)

Available here:]


When will a ICX wallet become available.


We might do something for ICX in series 4.

The next series, series 3, will include:

Ravencoin (just released)

Series 4 we are in discussion on, which may include:

ICX (as mentioned)