Crypto winter survivors. Rumours – Blackmoon related to TON

Having lack of crypto news during crypto winter, the fact that Blackmoon stopped publishing new digests made me worried ‘cuz I invested in their ICO, Xiaomi presale and a few thematic portfolios.

They kept launching new products such as Uber IPO or Lyft IPO, but a new digest was posted for the first time in 6 months.

Here are a few highlights from the digest + my investigation about Blackmoon and TON.

  1. New products:



  • LYFT (BMxLyft)


  1. Developments and new features
  • Cryptocurrency and fiat deposits.

  • New service Apollo - automatic coin liquidation.

They say that soon there will be a big announcement, nothing specific but it’s a relief for me to see that they’re working on the platform.

Link to their digest:

Now rumours. While I was worried about digests, I found some interesting information:

  1. Oleg Seydak, the CEO, posted on Facebook that they are looking for developers for a new project called GRAM Vault. “GRAM Vault — is a joint venture of the largest investors in the Telegram Open Network and is the biggest storage solution and trading provider for Grams – the most anticipated cryptocurrency in the world developed by Telegram.”

  2. Blackmoon’s poster in Malta is divided into two parts. One is dedicated to Blackmoon, another one is about Gram vault. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence.

I heard they are going to launch an exchange. What do you think about it guys? Will they list Gram?

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Pay attention to the price of their token:thinking:


Yes, there were a lot of news about Blackmoon in Russian recently. I think it’s a panic buy, people want to gain profit during this hype.

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They’ve made a great job since ICO. GRAM listing will be really nice.

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New article from Blackmoon guys! No info about TON but they promise that there will be exchange


It’s not said that it’ll be an exchange but the new features sound like that. I mean, if users can trade to each other - it’s an exchange, yeah?
Also, 11x less fees sounds really intriguing!

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No fresh news but I hope that they soon will come! I’m so excited abiut future implementations

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Here you go. Breaking! The development of the core TON technology is almost completed, according to sources close to Telegram. The release should be rolled out by 1 September 2019. It will include the code of a node and the network validation module.

The TON team is finalizing the documentation for these instruments. This will be the final release before the launch of the main network. The main network will go live after public tests.

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Yes! Thats what I wanted to hear! Great news for us

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Blackmoon announced that they will list Gram on their new exchange.

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Good news for the ones who were waiting for TON launch. The telegram channel @tonboard reports that TON public test net is finally launched!

The release contains:

  • Full node code
  • Testnet explorer
  • How-to instructions.

Perfect! My 5 cent: “Blackmoon Crypto Will Be First to Sell Telegram Gram Tokens


I’m going to try their exchange too. I’ve heard only positive reviews so it’s time to start trading

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Yo, friends! Have you already received your 20 bucks for participating in their promotion?

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Hey! What do you know about DSX? They in a press release published today say that they will have 150 million GRAM tokens available for sale.

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Screw DSX, it’s an unknown exchange with no connection to TON. Real Grams will be listed on Blackmoon

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