CryptoCloth - Cryptocurrency apparel you can actually wear in public

Crypto Cloth just launched a collection of designer inspired crypto apparel very fresh and very trendy. We’re trying to make crypto look as cool as it really is so you can support the financial revolution in style! Now Accepting payment in BTC, LTC, BCH and ETH!
Check it out:

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Send me large shirts please so I can give away. I hope they are good quality, not sackcloth. - address at bottom

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May want to check your meta tags and site description. Your site is not accessible for me at work. This is normally due to meta tags and the site description unable to be determined. Not a web master here or programmer but that is what I am being told typically makes the sites inaccessible. Just a piece of advice for you to do with as you wish.


Thanks for pointing this out, we’re working on it now

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No problem I can access it at home just fine, but wanted to atleast provide some feedback to help with your exposure.

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