Cryptocurrency Strategy

  1. Build a mining rig. Check
  2. Acquire one Bitcoin. 21 Million Club. Check
  3. Whats next?

Would like to get some input from the fellow Bitcoin Pub members.

What is your cryptocurrency strategy?



Learning to stake with cheap coin like reddcoin

  1. dedicating your life to growing the cryptocurrency community until everyone is literally on the ship.

Yeh. Pretty much. It’s a long thank-less job. But somebody gotta do it!


Start a group teaching poverty stricken children about crypto. Pay them to clean their neighborhood…then take that money and help them buy crypto.


Mining helps securing Bitcoin and it ensures it is being decentralized. If nobody does it Bitmain will control BTC so hard


I agree with you completely and completely disagree with the comment above yours about mining being a waste of energy.

Mining is not a waste as it is what makes the network secure and as I have posted several times the amount of energy used by BTC is orders of magnitude less than our current system. So if you want to go green then go Bitcoin.

Too many of the coins now days are missing the point of what makes BTC so great. No one owns BTC as a currency / company. There are lots of use cases for a company to own a token or block chain but to me it is nothing more than using that companies software to do something like make a website or render something in AutoCad.

@MichaelDeNobrega - Next step I would agree with @john and @peter help with education and continue your own. @Malik_Shabazz mentioned learning to stake coins. This topic alone can has have as much if not a greater learning curve than building a mining rig. That is depending on the coin. Some are easy like NEO just hold it a wallet others like Zen require setting up a server and passing security checks. I myself haven’t looked hard into this, but at one point treated my NEO like a virtual mining rig with its staking.

Just some thoughts. I get fired up when ever I see someone say mining is a waste of energy it just goes to show you how much education is still needed.


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