CryptoMom - What's Up in TheBitcoin.Pub - DCTV Thread



Ho ho! Now the party can begin…

Welcome the show @CryptoMom!


Let the meme’s begin


Yay!!! :heart_eyes: and I’m out of likes :woman_facepalming:


Hey MemeLady. Welcome to your thread.


I did the @CryptoMom workout this morning! Used my reel mower and hand pulled weeds from my yard! Forgot to rehydrate with Corona though!


Great to see you here!!!


Your great! :cowboy_hat_face:


Great stuff! Give us more! :pray:


Can’t forget that last step!!! :beers:


Ha ha ha thats awesome @CryptoMom, loved it! :+1:


How is that mower working out?


It’s pretty baller. I like it a lot. It makes my mowing more relaxing as it isnt obnoxious. I highly recommend it.


hey hey hey!! C mom!!! Welcome! :slight_smile: