by Happy Tax?


Has any one used by happy tax? I’m currently working with them but am getting a little concerned.


Oh wow- what are your concerns?


Well I have been working with them for about 5 weeks. I uploaded everything right away, both crypto and tax related documents. A week after that their tokentax platform went down. I tried to get an update on that for a week. Then found out my “reconciliation specialist” quit. So they got me in touch with another one who I then had to email my exchange CSVs.
In the meantime I requested a CPA review my non crypto documents so that when reconciliation was complete we could file without delay. I believe the reviewed my documents because the renamed some of the files I uploaded. The CPA emailed me and said he was going to call to review, we set up a time but he never called and had not responded to my emails in Two weeks.
Back to the reconciliation, I asked the new guy for an update last Friday and left him a voicemail Monday no reply. I emailed the crypto team lead and left her a voice mail no reply. Finally yesterday I called the main line where I did get an answer and she said we were just waiting on the reconciliation, I asked for an ETA and she said she would check and call me back.
I know that tax speacialist are extremely busy this time of year, my local CPA was often hard to get a reply out of last year. At the same time is a quick email update or phone call to much to ask?
Perhaps I need to be more patient.
I was hoping to find someone on here who maybe used them last year good or bad.


I think you’re doing the right thing by following up as much as you are. When things are hectic it’s good to get an email or a nudge from a customer to be reminded of what needs to get done. Regardless, they should spend the 2 minutes needed to write you an email on an update of the status. It is not too much to ask for, it is common courtesy.

You’ve been very patient and respectful. Keep that up and stay diligent. Good luck and let us know how it goes!