- Crypto Taxes App



I haven’t tried this, btw… so, just FYI.


I have been checking out a lot of softwares- they work if you stay on the main exchanges and don’t have complicated trades. The second you venture off- the numbers get difficult.


ive been having issues with maybe ill give this one a try and see if its not more of the same.


I’m having too many issues with too, I bought the 1 year usage license thinking it would magically solve things with the API import. Unfortunately, importing from API doesn’t work on all the exchanges I use, plus some of the excel exports from these exchanges don’t work either.

I’ve resorted back to manually doing it all in Excel, spent 3 weeks doing it. Damn I need to stop trading.


Good time to do taxes - everyones’ down 80% since Dec :rofl::joy:


I do a lot of these manually- but I perfected data entry so I get them in faster for my clients.


Yeh as some have stated if you go off the main exchanges things get a bit more complicated with I am sure as things progress with crypto they will add more. As I stick to Bittrex, Binance, and Coinbase the only manual entries I have are mining payouts.

I do not trust many of the smaller exchanges right now so not going to venture out to them just going to stick to the ones listed above as my tax prep work is really just hitting print on an excel format and only need 5 min or so every 5 days to enter mining income.


My biggest concern is that I have no idea how much each crypto is worth in fiat value, I have thousands of trades in Satoshi and Wei values only. I only have one objective and that’s to build up Bitcoin and Ethereum, cash out is 10-15 years away or never.

For tax purposes what is the best go to site for historical values, preferably one with Excel or CSV export. I’m currently copying the data from CMC website and pasting it into Excel, there has got to be a better way.


Much more reasonable than Happy Tax who charged hundreds of dollars. Thanks for the heads up. I think I’ll look into this if I start having trouble claiming taxes from but is this different than I’m not sure what the different between the two cointrackers are.


Different software -