CryptoYum: Launched on Product Hunt!



You know what to do…

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I was the 5th upvote. I deserve a prize :stuck_out_tongue:



Ha! i was 4th! Even had to make an account just to upvote :grin:


I’m not one to comment on Product Hunt. I’m a serious lurker but I had to leave a comment for CryptoYum. It’s just that good. Congratulations, you guys. This is excellent! Well done. Extremely well done.


just upvoted too…do you mine Monero on Cryptoyum too @john …??? jk


Hahaha yeah right xD


@john, what do you mean by “Some branding concepts designed by AI (yes… artificial intelligence!).” ? Got me interested :astonished:


Glad to see the launch @john & @peter.


Just upvoted it and wrote a review.

Just noticed the Facebook image (og graph meta?) needs work:

Stellar work, @john & @peter!!


Nice! Thanks! Let’s get the word out!


:cry: :cry:


Congrats on the launch guys! BEAUTIFUL UI


just for you. when you visit, the monero rigs spin up.


good to see you here friend.



how do I read signal-to-noise ratio to my benifit?


great question. the goal here, in theory, is to make sure that the best sources are added… ones that aren’t just subject to one person’s opinion.