CryptoYum Search filters


Quick feedback after playing with the Yum. I did look for similar subjects and if I am repeating a subject, please accept my apologies. Being a non technical person and rather visual (I work in photography and visual arts). I really appreciate that option to turn the background light gray/dark gray!
For the constructive conversation of it, What would you say about a filter that lets you go through the news with a specific date range or specific word(s) to search the posts. the only way i found to do it was to click several times on the (Older Posts) and then do a CTRL+F search.
That’s my 2 dogecents for now.

Looks amazing otherwise, very clean and effective. I will play with it more later today.


I am using my cellphone browser to test it.
I used it on 2 differrent browsers (Brave and chrome)
-at the end of each post ,there is a section for related article. When u click on it,the website is triggered in the on search but it took me back to home section.

I tried it on multiple articles. is it the issue only on my mobile or?


awesome. will double-check this!