Ctrl-F triggers Forum Search, not In-Page Search?

Hey Forum Lords,

NEVERMIND: I’m a dork. There’s a search this topic checkbox underneath the search box. I’ll go back to my crayons now! Also, Ctrl-F twice brings up the old in-page search. Very cool!

If I’m wrong on this, just ignore this post.

I’ve noticed that Ctrl-F triggers the Forum search post, instead of the normal in-page search. At first I thought this was cool, but now I realize I can’t find a post I was looking for in a big thread by using Ctrl-F anymore. Instead it triggers a forum search and I’m taken completely out of the thread and out to a search results page.

I can’t speak for others, but I’d prefer the old way or at least, a profile setting to control that behavior. In really long threads, I find it hard now to go back to a post I was reading earlier in the thread using a couple of words I remember from that post.


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