Culture Forms Like a Web 🕸


^^^ This is how I think about our community and how things are being put together right now. Obviously, like any great and important movement, someone brave enough has to go first, and then everything else can neatly fall into place.

We’re still so young when it comes to this specific community @ The Pub… it’s an exciting yet somewhat terrifying moment in the project’s young life. I have a lot more questions than answers at this point in time and that, if I’m to be honest, is frustrating.

For instance, here are a few questions that I can’t quite answer (for now):

  1. Are the community leaders (mods) the right ones for the job right now?
  2. Have we created the most inviting, positive, and welcoming place imaginable for crypto-enthusiasts?
  3. What tools, software, and resources do we need to build to make things better and more useful?
  4. How fast do we really want to grow (and can we pace with the growth)?
  5. Should I care about #4 at all?
  6. How do @peter and I pay for the upkeep (server, infrastructure costs) in a way that is non-destructive for the community (a’la Pub Support Love)? The costs are growing with every new community member that joins!
  7. What systems do we need to build today so that we can scale and love on the community the best?
  8. If we are to create some marketing, how do we do that and when?
  9. Are we moving fast enough? Should we slow down? What’s the “right” speed?
  10. Do I still love what I’m doing? Am I performing optimally?

These are the things that keep me up at night (and that’s not a bad thing). I think what we have is very, very special and I’m more excited than ever.

But I also want to build the best culture here @ The Pub, and I believe that it begins with being transparent with the community. That’s a big word that’s thrown around a lot but it’s something that I believe in. This means that I’ll share what we’re doing “behind the scenes” and also share candidly how we’re thinking (and feeling) about it.

Hope that’s okay.

You see, this is no longer @peter and my community… it’s your community. We’re here to make sure the wheels don’t come off from a technological perspective and we’re counting on you (i.e. we need your help!) to make it the very best.


Can we open source the bitcoin pub to github?
Has it been forked from discourse?


@john I love how transparent you are with these things. It gives great insight that a lot of how I feel in some of my own projects is ok and valid. Thanks for sharing this.


i have a bunch of technical debt to work through before i open it up (but, I’m very interested in that). DM me and give me some of your background!

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No problem @john. We all have technical debt as things are moving really fast these days :slight_smile: I will DM you now.


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