Cyber Security Tips

Hey Guys!

Did a search for Cyber Security and surprisingly didn’t find too much in the pub. Decided to educate myself, as we are all starting to put more money into cryptos.

There must be some experts in this field in the pub. I think we need a category with tips on how to make sure our coins are safe.

There is a special running on udemy on 4 courses on Cyber Security. A lot of info/content for the price!


There have been a few about protecting wallets and such. are you looking for something specific or just more broad strokes?

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I personal always use 2-factor whenever I can and a password manager so I don’t have to remember my password for all my sites I typically visit.

Stay away from public Wifi, and if you have to use it use a VPN.

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My knowledge is really limited at the moment. But Ive begun the process of learning about it.
It started when I saw a video about a Bittrex account which was hacked. I am using 2FA on my Bittrex account. I do not have a static IP with my internet provider, recently Bittrex started giving me a message saying that my IP had changed and that I needed to authenticate it via an email I received, I did a search and found the verification of IP via email to be legitimate however it goes against my instinct of not clicking on links to login.

There are some conflicting reports that it was a fake video but the reality of it happening to any of us got me thinking nonetheless. The outcome is that it looks like his API keys were compromised.

  1. It is recommended that you have a separate laptop just for trading ie one browser used only for trading and no other activities like browsing.
  2. Dont install any other software on the laptop especially pirated software.
  3. Dont browse or download from torrent sites/porn sites on this laptop .
  4. Do not use any services that remember your passwords, write them down and always enter them manually when logging in.
  5. Use completely random passwords, nothing obvious like names, dates etc and do not have a common theme in your passwords that you just change up for each different site ie Smith@bittrex_1234 Smith@tradingview_1234 etc
  6. Bookmark the login page or type the url in directly, do not click on links in emails or from other sites. (This one I have an issue with as Bittrex has recently been sending me emails saying I am logging in from a different IP, I then receive an email saying I need to click on a link to verify even though I have 2FA enabled.)
  7. Use an up to date antivirus and always update your OS to the latest
  8. The use of static IP’s and the IP Whitelist (I do not know enough about this process yet)

I do not work in Cyber Security these are just tips I have found online and from watching other videos. I’m in the process of learning more and will update as I gain the knowledge, input from anyone with expertise in the field will be appreciated.

My aim is to make a list of “Golden Rules for keeping you accounts safe” over and above the use of common sense. I foresee many users of the Pub having significant amounts of money on exchanges and I think a lot of us who do not have IT experience could find ourselves becoming easy targets.

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Thanks so much for this. Powerful reminders man. !


Just to add to the list:

  • On Bittrex use Withdrawal Addresses whitelist and add only wallet that you own/know.
  • Don’t create an API Key or at least disable the “Withdraw” option.
  • if you are using Authy for 2FA, install it on a backup device (In case you lose your smartphone), an disable the allow “Multi-device” option
  • Never keep on your smartphone a screen shot of your wallet private keys
  • Don’t keep on the exchange your long term currency, move it on a desktop wallet or hard wallet like Nano S or ledger.

Play Safe !


Hello there! I am no expert in the cyber security field but I like to think that I know a few things. Before the popularization of cryptos I bought around 3000 dollars worth of bitcoin. When the boom happened back in 2018 I was pleasantly surprised to have quite a fortune on my electronic wallet. Obviously I started looking for the best ways to protect my funds. In order to get initiated in the field of cyber security I recommend starting with a training

The training was at if someone is interested.

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