D3 for sale in Canada - in hand


Out of room on my breaker box so I have one D3 for sale, girlfriend said no more lol

In canada, ships via fedex ($60 flat shipping fee for Canada)), includes power supply, brand new never used. Can overnight ship if wanted, buyer would pay the extra for overnight shipping, whatever fedex charges.

I take crypto or cash. $999.99 cdn


I moved this over to the Bazaar.


what is bizarre about it? it is a miner, it should be in the mining section


Bazaar, not bizarre. lol.


lol, I make myself laugh sometimes, life is good :slight_smile:


Bazaar is a place to sell stuff.


thanks, I know, I am doing 50 things at once on my computer, I talk to myself when I work - it came out of my mouth wrong so that is what I typed lol


got it now. I am doing and did the same thing. I read your post as “What is a Bazaar about”


Girlfriend calling the shots for you!? LOL kick her ass out… look at that now you have room and you can be the master of your domain that you pay for. Remember, at the end of the day shes a bum living off you with her best quality being a easily replacable resource. Never let a women call shots for you especially when it comes to your future like crypto mining. She could very well cost you millions one day.


lol you are obviously single, and no your left hand doesnt count :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

cant kick her ass out, her ass is one of the many great features that i love about her :crazy_face:

And yes, she calls the shots, happy wife - happy life :innocent:


@ElectricSheep could be just living in his own digital world projecting the life and choices he wish he had made.

I mean I disagree with @ElectricSheep 100% as my fiance’ means the world to me. If it was BTC vs her she wins hands down and will every time. Family means more to me than money. Now I do have to say she is on board and lets me mine and trade as long as the bills are paid and she pays the electric bill and hasn’t complained to me. This may be because I did pull some profits out and bought our wedding bands in cash for our wedding next year.


Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW


Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW


unit is sold, girlfriend is happy, for now, looking at a dragon miner now, ssshhhhh - dont tell her! She wont even notice, I might have a l3 or two for sale soon tho…


Sell the girlfriend.


L3+ or L3 standard? If it is a Plus, DM me when you’re ready. :slight_smile: