DAILEY Financial Group - Science and Technology Research Institute

Hey Everyone!

I want to share DAILEY Financial Group with all of our fellow pub members :slight_smile:

DFG is a Science and Technology Research Institute headquartered in Gainesville, Fl.

We are a non-profit foundation dedicated to conducting science and technology.

Of course, we are also very interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and also spreading these innovative technologies to all corners of the globe.

So, if you would like to check out our website, subscribe to our YouTube channel (found front and center of the website), like any videos, comment, or give any sort of feedback here or there, we would greatly appreciate it.

PS. This week we will be attending two meetings at the Antwerp World Diamond Center, one for UN Sustainability initiative, and the other for raising VC. Also, we will be attending a Blockchain Pitch event in Brussels. At the end of this week we will be flying to Malta to meet with some major Blockchain players :slight_smile:


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