Daily BTC TA for day/swing traders


I use technical analysis to take short term trades for 1%-2% gains which I compound to create large returns

I’ll be posting my daily BTC updates on here for the pub and encourage the pub to share their thoughts and own TA

Hopefully we can learn from each other :pray:


My bias is bearish, after that heavy volume rejection I think we need to retest the previous resistance zone before moving up further

I’m waiting for more data before making any moves

So what are other traders doing today?


Thanks for the post, I follow you on Twitter and always try and learn something about trading everyday. Keep the tweets coming.


Thank you for the follow my friend, I’m going to be more active in the pub as well now :grin:


Hi mate, what’s your Twitter handle? I’ll give you a follow :+1:


same as my pub name friend @koroushak


Just running my 2% Experiment for the Day! :cowboy_hat_face: Done. :+1:



Beautifully done friend


Morning update:

This has been a healthy uptrend so far However I’ll remain completely neutral till we break out of $7300-$7200 This is a no trade zone for me


Hi @Koroushak, followed you on Twitter and subscribed on YouTube. Nice content mate. Watched all your vids in one sitting :eyes:. Nice and easy to follow and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a understanding on trading zones and the Elliot wave theory for beginners :ok_hand:
Also a nice piece on the benefits of compounding your interest.

Will you be going more in-depth with the Elliot wave?


Nice I don’t trade due to the nightmare of taxes but I’ll be watching ur videos to learn.

How do yall deal with taxes while trading frequently?


I used to use bitcoin.tax as the accountant for my company would of charged through the roof to calculate all that. Bitcoin.tax does make things quite easy.

Now I have a specialist accountant for my private hedge fund that sorts everything out for me.


Glad you enjoyed them!

Just wait brother I have content coming out that will blow the previous stuff out the water!

I’ll be starting from ground zero assuming people know nothing about trading and slowly building up from there while sharing deep insights into simple concepts for the more advanced traders.


Morning update: :sunrise:


Bias is turning bullish due to series of higher lows and multiple attempts to break into resistance zone

Diminishing volume is noted

I’ll be looking to aggressively scalp a break into resistance zone

Typo on chart should say higher lows


I was the conrarian. :cowboy_hat_face:


Slowly :seedling: growing that trading account. :btc: :cowboy_hat_face:


Had to carry the trade over night, :crescent_moon: but the patience and TA research paid off. Small steady profits with measured risk analysis. :mooning: My goal is to turn the 0.03445006 :btc: I started with into One Bitcoin.


Not a bad day, small trade, short term on a long position. Still over all bearish, short term bullish with limited upside. Very tough trading environment going to wait the day out tomorrow most likely, to reset my indicators.



Hex you are killing it!

Keep up the great work


@Koroushak Just to show the Bad with Good - Keep it honest! :cowboy_hat_face: (Note: Happy to take this loss :smiley: ) it was a heavy leveraged short that I dumped gas :fire: on the fire till I got up to 38000 XBT Contracts @ 10X. Cleared it with a tight stop, and waited for my TA to play out. :golf:

Honestly, I needed this experience. To learn more, and grow. :lion:



Can be some difficult markets for trading, being conservative and focused can keep a person from the :fire:

I wonder if people (can) could handle being in a Bear Market til May 2019? :thinking: