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DCTV Daily -

Bithumb Purchased! // ETH Constantinople No Go? // Top Universities for Blockchain?

October 15th, 2018 { Hustle harder Its Monday } live in 2 1/2hrs


Awesome! You are the best @andyramankapu


@kimchi just after & behind you


DCTV Special :

Monday Hang Out LIVESTREAM! -
$250 on YEN.io? - Market Updates and More?

2nd Stream Strap on guys, Oct 15th 2018
{in 1hr}


Live in 20 minutes


DCTV DAILY - Telegram Launch // DocuSign Ethereum? // Institutional Money Waiting… // Bitnative!
October 16th, 2018


Sorry my man. I thought you forgot or something! I just saw it is not posted, that’s all.

I will leave it to you. No worries brother! I’m happy and grateful you doing this!


thank you kim lots of love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Wednesday Fireside Chat with the CEO of YEN.io - John Saddington!

17th October 2018 (live in under 10 mins)



Blockchain Airdrops? // Tether FAILS // Civil FAILS // Thoughts on Retiring…

18th October 2018 (live in 30 mins)


Reminder already set brother !!! ,:sunglasses:



#DCAFRIDAY on YEN.io // B90X Day 1 Start! // Next Suit to ONBOARD on YEN.io?

October 19th 2018 (live in 30 mins)


live shows are no longer at 8pm EST?
most of them are too early to watch, I am a teacher and teach kids to play violin/cello/viola instruments I cannot watch this live show :cry:


@peter & @john check out this website if required https://www.floatplane.com/browse
for monetizing content it’s by https://linustechtips.com/main/ …they are youtubers too


I get a little bit emotional when I saw it.
Your actions, care, what you do and who you are remind me someone…



Fortnite Cheaters Hacked! // Blockchain Engineers // Bankers Steal! // New YEN Users!

October 22nd 2018


linus is awesome. he’s been doing this for years.


Live in 30min


DCTV DAILY - Satoshi Nakamoto Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? // Enterprise Blockchain //


Elon musk bitcoin anime girl on Twitter, CZ replies to buy Tesla cars with BTC, ||| When Roadster