Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



I exercise every single day… and it’s one of the most important things that I do!

Stay healthy cryptonation!! We need to make sure we build the spaceship and get to the moon!

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Getting Started @ The Pub :beers:

gym hair don’t care.
thanks for the reminder. I need to start working out again too.


Astronauts need to pass rigorous physical tests. Btc ticket isn’t valid without proper health. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :btc:


Good call. I’m in the hot room right now. Early morning workouts for the win!!!



Peter has joined the yakoza, the pub is doomed.


Early morning 5k’s here!


Doing the dumbell ladder this morning with some heavy bag work.


i’m moving soon and need to get some free weights… any recommendations?


Don’t buy new. Search on craigslist or something like that. People are always selling fitness equipment… quitters… lol


You moving back to Atlanta? If so there is a local company called Lynx barbells. They are dope.


never. never atlanta. :sunglasses:


GAH! that hurts my heart… LOL


Finally getting around to getting my rounds in on the heavy bag. Best form of cardio for stress relieving! Lol


That’s what’s up. Get it out. Get it all out.


Fellow runner here! Note quite daily, but at least twice a week!


Hitting that gym erryday! Slowly but surely building those quads.


Yo! Crushing it @Gabypon! Healthy living! Go go!


do you wear this lipstick (while working out)?


LOL. I’m a :troll:


Stalker is more the word I’d use! Cmon 4 year old photo!

Yes. I do in fact wear lipstick when shifting them weights!


That’s whats up! @john - you got da pwnd.
As long as we’re showing the full shots. Here is me this morning!
BOOM! And no. I don’t wear lipstick when I lift. That’s for other days… … healthy body. Healthy mind. Healthy spirit.

Bitcoin is up. What else you need???