Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Another hot F3 workout. It’s not even summer yet!


Got my deadlifts and squats in today. Shit was hard, not going to lie. I had to fight mentally to get through it.


Extra yoga today, nothing too acrobatic. Still having problems with my wrist in some positions.


Smashed the workout today, first one to restart the daily routine.


that icon hodl shirt is :fire::fire::fire:


Thank you Sir.:pray: You can get it Here


Kettlebell workout. Getting even hotter here!


Beast mode. :muscle:

I did chest and shoulders today with a ton of new accessory work that I haven’t tried before. Always good to change things up and make progress with new exercises.


Beast mode!


Extra long weight lifting workout today. Phew, sweaty.


Hows the weight gaining going bro? Building some muscle? :muscle:


Just Got Friday Done. Its getting hot here as it does every year, when i got home from work today my dog was chasing a cat and they were both walking :rofl:


Finished with Tabata Core for today. Stomach’s gonna be sore tomorrow.

@kryptokenzie Weight gain is slow but steady, I’m honestly unsure how to measure my progress when it comes to strength. I haven’t got enough weights at the moment, so I’m using all of it at the same time, I’m just increasing the sets and reps to at least make it feel like there’s some difference. I’m ending each workout with one set of as many reps as I can take, so I’m always exhausted by the end of it. Should be doing some good at least.


That’s good. Progressive overload comes in many forms, not only adding weight. It can be from increasing reps and sets over time.


Short run and yoga today. Probably gonna go for a swim in the ocean later.


Yoga day!


Arms and some back for me today.

Warm up
Chin ups
Push ups

Seal rows
Barbell curls
Lying face pulls. <- Protip: overload with more weight this way
Rear felt fly
Cable curls pyramid to burn out


Got that resistance workout done today.


got mine in early. love my walks on the weekend. found a new route!

some very decent elevation.


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