Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Sadly not! Might have been this horrendous heatwave that makes it hard to sleep.


Yoga today, feeling a lot better than yesterday.


I fail all the time. It’s all part of the game. If you’re not failing once in a while you’re probably not pushing yourself hard enough. So good for you for pushing yourself. Find strength in that.

I had a really enjoyable lifting session today. Very focused and clear. Working the incline barbell bench press back into my strength routine after giving it a break for a few months (been on dumbbells for a hypertrophy cycle). Felt really smooth.


Thursday is indoor soccer day. div 3 league.


Tried out my new paddleboard today


Weight training - day 3 of Stronglifts 5x5


I’m still doing my walk/run on the treadmill erryday! Upped my 30 mins to 60 this week :rofl::+1:t3:


engage preworkout. it’s starting time.


A long walk today, not in any shape to lift.
Woke up in a sauna at 5 AM having trouble breathing. 28 degrees inside and hardly any oxygen. I did not get the best sleep… :sunny::fire::rage:


Shoulder day the other day for me…


Friday :heavy_check_mark: new record on Flat bench for this year, then ran as fast a i could, which wasn’t really fast at all for a mile with a 15lb backpack. I just put it on the scale, was thinking it was more like 25 lb ,but as my dad has always said" trust your grandmother, But cut the cards anyway" :rofl:


I love doing these.


3x5 squats, 5x5 bench, 5x5 row.
No problem so far with bench press and row, but there is just no way I can progress on squats for the time being. I either need to buy a rack of some sort, or spend a lot more time practicing cleans with less weight. I use up most of my strength getting the barbell to my shoulders since I’m not used to doing a clean. Most of the time it ends up being a power clean, but with pretty bad form, so it’s just a matter of time before I injure myself seriously. If I increase the weight any more it’s pretty much a given.

I was thinking of finding a bench with an accompanying rack even though they are very low, I guess it’s still better than picking the barbell up from the floor. It would also dramatically help reduce the risk of injury when bench pressing since at the moment the barbell is lying level with my head, and I have to lift it with mostly my wrists to pick it up. I solved that temporarily by balancing it on top of two plates, that way I can push myself under it and lift it up with my arms, but when I start using those plates on the barbell I’m out of options.

Training at home requires a bit more equipment than I had hoped.


Right there with you brotha.


Went for a long early walk thinking I would beat the heat. No such luck, sweating about as much as after a proper workout. Feels like I moved to Turkey.


Yoga day! Great start to Sunday morning.


Squats, overhead press and deadlifts. OHP got hard really fast, I probably need to work on my technique.


Same here! OHP is definitely getting hard faster than others!

Stronglifts day 4


OHP is the hardest to progress on. I bought myself some micro plates a few years ago and it was the best investment ever. I am lucky if I can add 1lb per month now to the bar, but I take all the gains I can get. OHP is my favorite upper body lift and is the most badass. :muscle:


I was thinking about getting some micro plates but your feedback just helped me decide. I can only keep adding 5 lbs to OHP for a few more weeks!