Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Strong ending to the week! Have a great weekend everyone!


Weight training today in the heat, hopefully the last one with dumbbells. Excited to finally get to work with something heavier next week.


Just finished up Friday. I upgraded my gym today with a fan. I found it in Kaylas air stream, Finders keepers losers weepers @CryptoMom :rofl::running_man:


Tabata Core today, absolutely horrible weather here for training if you ask me. Way too hot to do almost anything.


Here we call it the 90 day stretch, June, July , August. Then by September typically there will be a hurricane or 3 to keep things cooled off :+1:


Luckily we don’t have hurricanes here, but I’m used to +10 degrees C max, so the summer has always been a struggle. And to think some people believe we have polar bears walking the streets here.


20 minute run, 2 hours of yard work and 2 hours of errands. 19,000 steps so far today. Also switching to a keto lifestyle.


Flow like wata, my fren


Just some early yoga today since it’s rest day.


FYI was going to shop for some keto base and perfectketo.com takes coinbase crypto payments!


Keto is awesome ,I stayed keto for a little over a year , many many years ago, once you get locked in its amazing :boxing_glove:


What made you quit keto?


Took my son to a ninja/parkour gym today. They had a warped wall, rumbling dice, salmon ladder, the whole 9 yards. It was humbling to say the least. I was a guy who served 20 years in the service and ran 9 different Spartan Races, Tough Mudders and various other mud runs after age 40. The last few years have been mostly focused on my career and due to nagging gym and sports injuries my hobbies migrated from fitness to brewing beer and woodworking. While I enjoy both, they have allowed me to move from 230 lbs and solid to 235 lbs and soft in the middle. I have been back in the gym for a several months, but not really pushing or striving toward anything other than to “lose weight and feel better”. Not having a short or long goal was not helping me. Today was the first time that I had the courage to allow myself to be humbled by the course. Afterward instead of feeling shamed or discouraged by my lost strength and stamina I decided that I am taking this as an opportunity to get myself focused on not what I was physically in my past, and not what I am now, but what I want to be and what I will become. I just wanted to share in case anyone else might be feeling stuck in the same rut of really not wanting to test yourself out fear of acknowledging what you already know. Be brave and act. I know that today will be significant in the improvements that I make in myself. I hope that my public self reflection will motivate just one person to do the same for themself in some aspect of their life.


P90X back & biceps plus kayaking on the lake


No barbell yet, so I keep working with the dumbbells today.


Weight training day.


Following you.


Get after it! :muscle:


Looks like some really fit people here!

My current mantra is “the best exercise is anything I’ll actually do (and stick with).”

Currently I’m doing the Body by Science style once-per-week weight machines, which I’ve manged to stick with for a year, so that’s good. Yeah I know everyone will say once a week isn’t enough, but I wanted to choose a program I would stick with.

Also added to that 45 min daily walking. Trying to talk myself into adding yoga too (I’ve done it before, so it’s not new to me).

BTC mooning won’t do us any good if we’re too sick to enjoy it, so stay after it!


To be honest i lost focus, the resistance peter spoke about last night consumed me. 14 years later here i am posting in this thread with my focus back, older and wiser, consistency has become my new high. John wrote somewhere in this thread where his 6 months of being consistent with his routine made a difference for him. And he is still giving it hell :muscle: I have gone back to really clean eating. I have cut out gluten, only an occasional cheat, basically the only carbs that i consume everyday is 1.5 cups of rice split between 2 meals. Meal prepping has made life so much easier for me as well. Everything that i do now i ask myself what i should of asked myself 14 years ago. Which is “Come see me in 14 years and lets see if it was sustainable”