Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Monday is in the books. :weight_lifting_man: set a PR for my clean and press and front squat " really not sure what its called" but i killed it today :+1:


20 minutes on the treadmill


I have been stuck for almost two years hitting a new squat PR (1RM). To be fair the last two years I didn’t set definitive strength goals. I plugged my numbers into my spreadsheet, hit the gym and did the work. Building a solid routine that can be executed day after day, week after week is great, but I have been starving myself for more. I have done the work. I have built more muscle. Now it’s time to do what I haven’t done before. I encourage everyone to set a goal to hit this year. Perform a set of 10 pull ups, squat 2X your body weight, run a mile in ___ time. Whatever it is make sure you can measure it. We can only improve what we can measure. We have half of the year in front of us. That’s plenty of time to kick a lot of ass and put your points on your scoreboard. Do something you have never done before. When you do that thing - no one can take it from you.


F3 workout - a little cooler this morning!


Tabata Full Body. Still waiting for that barbell.
My personal goal for this year is to be able to do all (5 or 6) the barbell exercises with the maximum weight I have at the moment, 80 kg. It might be too much too fast as I’m used to dumbbells that are only 12 kg each, but with a small gradual increase every workout maybe it’s possible, only time will tell.


Good man. You’ll get them. :muscle:


No doubt you will , I am thinking about what my goal can be. My original goal was to be as consistent as I can be, and not use blueberry season or framing a big ass house in the middle of august as an excuse. I no longer allow myself to make an excuse , I decide what I want to accomplish and after being rational with the thought process I move forward.


Yoga day!


I gotchu.

gotta offset the smile of Jake. Grrr!


I slept in

Dutch oven coma


OMG. Is that your Bulldog?


Great words. Appreciate. Get it!


First gym selfie ever, just for you crypto nation fam


And… it didn’t work. Lulz.


I’m not meant to take selfies Pete, I’ll try again in a bit from a computer lol



That mr. clean tho. too strong!


Tis but a solar panel!


Wednesday is done :heavy_check_mark:
Ready for Friday :facepunch:


Weight lifting today, still no delivery, so I keep at it.