Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



TaiChi in the morning, cardio, resistance training and stretching in the afternoon. Getting it done!


My only workout today was mowing the lawn, and only because it absolutely had to be done…I’m in the throes of the dirty keto flu at the moment. It’s a damn good 24/7 sweat tho.


F3 workout!


how do you get through your “stuck” moments?


digging that ink… larger pick?


Cardio, body weight, and stretching done.


Yoga day today. Still no arm balances but the wrist seems to be getting better.


I would say taking a step back is the best way for me to make progress :rocket: . When I first began training I set way too big of goals for my level and didn’t even come close to reaching them within the :clock1: I expected. So I started to research what other people recommended, people that were more knowledgeable than I. Everyone of the strong and big lifters that I looked up to said the same thing -> The key to getting stronger is being able to drop the ego and take weight off the bar. Instead of focusing on the next 25lb/50lbs/100lbs to lift - focus on adding 5lb, 2.5lb, 1lb per month. Adding these small increments over time adds up to masive progress in the long run. I think this strategy can apply to making progress in a lot of areas in life (investing, learning new skills, building something new etc…).


love this. when i get roadblocked i take a step back as well… try to get a grasp of the larger picture… and then i definitely try to consult with folks who are way smarter than me. :+1:


Just started Dante Trudel’s DogCrapp training.

I encourage all mass seekers and strength builders to check it out.

Based around low volume but high intensity rest pause training.

Also intense fascia/muscle stretching.

Look into it now!


I know where your at, push through it, when it gets to the point you think your going crazy hit the weights heavy, walk out the house and run till your head has cleared up, if it still is hanging out tell it to f@(k off and that your the one cutting the checks.


Weight training day!


I gotchu


Final dumbbell workout for a very long time finished. This package arrived today. Looking forward to next week, I think I’ll start at 20 kg to make sure I do it properly at first.


Finished Friday strong, ran 2 extra laps this evening. Glad to see your delivery arrived @bamse :+1:


Early run and some yoga today, gonna babysit my nephew all day.


walk in the canyon today!


Took the girls out for a little geocaching. Saw lots of deer. Fun time exploring the trails! Got in about 3 miles total.


New routine trying to implement daily.

Stretching in morning

Real early morning air is different. So fresh


That’s a solid routine! Morning air and morning time are just different.

Kettlebell workout this morning!