Daily Exercise Thread — 💪



Between yardwork, gardening, and a 35-minute hike on the trail yesterday (it was 91° :fire:), I got 14,259 steps in.


Did some Tabata Core today. Skipped the run in the morning because my feet are killing me and my back is red like a lobster from being by the beach for an hour yesterday. That’s the worst thing about being a red head. :sunny::fire:


Two hours of kayaking at Pactola today. Started out with a little rain & hail but turned out to be a beautiful evening


Weight training day!


Day one of starting strength. I don’t have the exact weights recommended for increments, so I’ll be going +2, +3, +2, +3, instead of +2.5 kg all the time. At least I assume adding weight to only one side isn’t optimal even if it is only 2.5 kg extra on one side.
I started out easy with just 20 kg so that I don’t injure myself somewhere before I’ve properly learned the form for each exercise. I also don’t have a rack for squats or bench press, so might get problematic when it starts getting heavy but for now this will still be a lot better than just two dumbbells that stay the same weight forever.
Felt good as a first day anyway, gonna watch some more videos on proper form so I avoid making unnecessary mistakes.


I gotchu.


got mine in this morning… in my basement. :slight_smile:


I need one of those breathable stretch headbands to hold my ear buds


Got Monday done :heavy_check_mark:. Went up again on my front squat . Caught a thunderstorm so it was much cooler outside. Not sure exactly how long i ran after but it was a solid 20 minuets.




Had to get up extra early so I got a nice run in at 4 AM in the rain, really nice when you run in swim trunks. Just finished Tabata Full Body, and I’m ready to increase the weights tomorrow.


30 min walk, done. :joy::+1:t2:


came down with a cold and still put in 2mi on the treadmill. time to push.


Weight training. First time doing overhead press with a barbell. Not sure if this particular barbell is slightly different due to the fact that it’s three pieces that you screw together, or if it’s just my narrow shoulders, but it’s impossible for me to hold the barbell above my head with my arms straight over my shoulders. My arms are maybe 70 degrees instead of 90, due to the grip being a bit further to the sides. Perhaps it doesn’t even matter as long as I keep the arms straight in all other regards.
Think I’ll have to practice deadlifts some more with just the bar to make sure I get the form down to a T.


Kettlebell workout!
Forgot to snap pic today


8.6 miles:


Fixing to go get it done. Lunges , Dips , and a dry run today hopefully. @bamse I ran in the rain Monday, it was allot cooler, and your right once your soaking wet its not bad at all. :running_man:


Keep playing with different grip positions to nail down what feels best for you. I always use a suicide grip (thumbs under the bar) when overhead pressing. It helps me keep the bar in line over the center of gravity for maximal power.


Anthony Bourdain used that grip


Getting it in.